Fear Incorporated were formed in 2008 as a Gothic Theatre
Macabre Avant Garde band.
Since then 4 albums a single and two EPs have been released through various European record labels-all based on dark themes and concepts
exploring the fears of mankind.
The debut album 'Sawney's Cave' was released on Plastic Frog Records in 2010 and voted Mick Mercer's no 1 release of 2011 in his top 100 chart.
The second album 'Phobos' was released on Manic Depression Records in 2012 and reached number 14 in the European Alternative Charts in 2013 and
stayed in the top 30 for nearly 3 months.
The third album 'Dark Carnival' sold out on its pressing and was a
limited edition from Secret Sin Records in 2014.
A free download EP 'Sweeney Todd' was released on Halloween 2015 on the Bleak record label 'from the 'Cloak And Dagger' album now available on this label on CD in special packaging and released in 2017-it is a selection of dark avant garde songs themed on vintage villains from fact and fiction such as Sweeney Todd,Dick Turpin and Jack The Ripper.
2018 sees the release of 'Fever Dream' on CD from the Sacred Realm Records label-a compilation of tracks from the four previous albums with some new songs and rare tracks also.
Fear Incorporated have appeared also on several CD compilations and digital downloads and videos for some of the tracks have been featured on DVD.
The line up from Fear Incorporated has included members of the Sex Gang Children,Demented Are Go,Voodoo Bible and Exit Strategy.
William Westwater the vocalist,keyboardist and current composer of Fear Incorporated also has collaborated with Dave Id Busaras from the Virgin Prunes on an album together which will be released in future via Easy Action Records on CD.
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