New album From Fear Incorporated


The Fear Incorporated 'Cloak And Dagger' album will be released on Bleak Record Label in 2016 on CD and digitial download.

The album is themed on vintage villains such as Jack The Ripper,Sweeney Todd and Burke And Hare to name a few...

Take a walk with us in this blood drenched nightmare through the dark gas lamp streets for a journey of musical mayhem,murder and terror!

The album was written and engineered by the frontman of Fear Incorporated William Westwater and Berwyn Waddon who has now joined the band for this partnership of terrifying tunesmythery.

Both William and Berwyn are the core members of Voodoo Bible and Exit Strategy-both of which bands have released albums on alternative record labels these past few years. 

See videos from the forthcoming 'Cloak And Dagger' album below.....







Fear Incorporated-Cloak & Dagger-New Album

 The new Fear Incorporated album 'Cloak & Dagger' has been recorded and completed in our dark musical cobwebbed chambers.

Themed on vintage violence and dark and evil villains from the past...

Traverse the eerie gas lamp shadows with us and meet Jack The Ripper,Sweeney Todd,Burke & Hare and other terrible characters on this dark avant garde musical journey..

See the video for 'Sweeney Todd' from the album below.

Look out for more updates in the future.


Fear Inc New Album Now on Pre Order!!

The Dark Carnival album is now available from Secret Sin Records on CD on pre order and will be released on Fri June 13th 2014..

Copies are selling Now!!!!

A dark terrifying themed album portraying a tale of terror and tyranny of a travelling troupe of monsters and misfits,geeks and freaks-the members of the circus horrorshow that is the Dark Carnival..

Its a limited special release of 100 copies only with 12 macabre tracks and a 8 page booklet...

Get your copies now before its too late from the Secret Sin Records Website at:


Fear Incorporated Announce Dark Carnival Album Release

The Fear Incorporated Dark Carnival Album Will be released in summer of 2014.

Encompassing twelve dark songs telling the story of a travelling troupe of weird and vicious freaks and geeks terrifying towns and innocent folks everywhere they take their brood of monsters and dark uncanny creatures..

Are you willing to take a journey into the heart of darkness?

The Dark Carnival album will be available on Secret Sin Records and will be a CD in special carnivalesque packaging.....

The album will be available directly from the record label and also from this site on the webstore.

A digital release will follow a little later after the CD.

Keep your ears flayed and eyes peeled for this fiendish and freakish forthcoming release..... 





Fear Incorporated have released a FREE download EP on ZORCH FACTORY RECORDS.

Entitled 'A DEVILISH BROOD' it features six unreleased tracks from the debut 'SAWNEY'S CAVE' abum released on PLASTIC FROG RECORDS in 2010 and re-recorded versions of the original tracks.

Featuring the psychobilly guitarist LEX LUTHER from the well know horror psychobilly band 'DEMENTED ARE GO' on guitar on 4 tracks.

Creep across to ZORCH FACTORY RECORDS by following this link and download your FREE copy today!


Absolution Fear Incorporated CD Release Party

On the 23rd February there will be a Fear Incorporated CD release party in Absolution in New York.

There will be copies of the new PHOBOS album given away along with T shirts-singles and badges.

Fear Incorporated would like to thank Jason Ledyard for organising this event at Absolution.

If you are in Manhattan that night get along to discover the dark proceedings for yourself.


Mick Mercer 'Phobos' review




Manic Depression Records


Obviously they gave themselves something ridiculously difficult to follow having released such a majestically imaginative debut as “Sawney’s Cave” but here they bring us a set of song dealing with phobias, so there’s still a central current trickling through the sewer of fear.

‘Dying To Get Out’ deals with the fear of being buried alive, which you probably know better as Taphephobia, and it’s an engagingly seeping morass, the vocals somewhat buried themselves, as the bass boldly leads the song upwards towards the light. I’m not sure it makes for a real phobia as it’s hard to imagine anyone who wouldn’t dislike the idea of being in this position. Workmanlike drums suggest a shape, guitar veers away and back behind the tense vocals. Post-punk to the core.  ‘Submerged’ is airier in atmosphere with a sternly wielded spoken word central presence. Fear of water, aquaphobia if you will, dictates that high swirls of electronic sound remain above the vocals as the sparse sounds create an unnerving atmosphere. 

‘Wrong Turn’ is cutely itchy with a fluid burst here, a dizzy constriction here, and we’re onto a fear of getting lost (yes, mazephobia) which may no longer apply in this satnav era. Drums stoke slowly, guitar splinters easily as bruised vocals vibrate as a downbeat rock struggle develops. ‘Dead Of Night’ does that Sex Gang/Bauhaus fusion thing, with a looser feel, while the vocals extended into a subtly angled howl. It’s the fear of dark which has him quivering here. Interestingly, one fear of Darkness is Scotophobia! A mellow menace accompanies the vocals as the sound seethes in the background, given heart by rumbling drums. ‘Fear Is A Man’s Best Friend’ is oddly pretty while depicting the fear of fear itself (phobophobia) because as it grumbles along in a depressed crawl the tinkled keys ripple and I start to image some desolate café in Paris, while a migraine develops. It ends with a storybook mentality, a knocking at the door…

Delicious guitar worms through ‘Clown’ (fear of those miserable entities being Coulrophobia) as the song bucks and kicks like colourful goth, keenly ambitious vocals hurdling a ramshackle array of sly musical ideas which converge crunchily. Great fun. ‘Suffocation’ may be about boring old claustrophobia but it’s wickedly wayward, loping and sliding into melodrama, curious vocal shudders matching the ruptured rhythm. ‘Spooked’ has a scuzzier bed of guitar nettles in which resolute vocals wrestle while contemplating a fear of ghosts. Surely phasmophobia is a double-edged phobia as you’d have little reason to expect them until after nightfall, so just stay awake. Constantly. (Dr. Mick!) This has a doomier flow, the vocals agonised as the rhythm shines in its maudlin control.

‘Solitary Confinement’ is for people who want more than one phobia as fear of solitary confinement (Isolophobia) is so damn close to claustrophobia, meaning some people just can’t enough. It’s a post-ambient slurry of sound, vocals dramatically placed in the oddly sizzling mix until bells come to the rescue. Then they leave with ‘Hocus Pocus’ dedicated to Wiccaphobia, the fear of witches and the unctuous undulations are striking, opting for some aromatic goth clattering and some scalded Macbeth.

It’s a very fine, murky record. Admittedly, it doesn’t have the same impact as the debut because that was fleshing out something we knew little of whereas this concerns things we think we know, but the more you listen the more the tightly dark entities open up and the vignettes settle into their own space and place. It also made me realise I don’t think I have an actual phobia, so I feel cheated. (Assuming fear of Midsomer Murders ending doesn’t count?) Done be scared now, follow these links.

Dark Carnival album

Ideas for the new Fear Incorporated album 'Dark CarnIval' are being put together and written at this time.

Many tracks have been written for this and this new album is themed on a terrifying troupe of misfits,freaks and geeks touring the wastes in search of  unwary towns and villages to put on their ghastly performance with their pandemonium circus show.

Dark Carnival again will bring a new sound to Fear Incorporated-never wishing to stay in the same vein and exploring new boundaries to petrify our audience.

Circus organs will screech and we will pump horror into your hearts as the carnival klaxons scream and wail to our blood curdling soundtrack of fear and blood stained candy floss..

So just who are this heinous bunch of miscreants in this troupe of terror?

An undead Elvis,Lazurus Rattle-a man who will not die,a reptilian Lizard Lady and a Demon trapped in a box amongst other horrible characters...

Stay tuned for more updates on this macabre musical maelstrom.

Nov 1st 'Phobos' album release date!

OUT on November 1st on Manic Depression!!!

Ref MD023
Theatre Macabre-Deathrock (UK)

Manic Depression is proud to announce that the new FEAR INCORPORATED album, « Phobos », will be available in Digipack CD on November the 1st , and in digital download through all the legal download platforms (Itunes, Spotify, Amazon…etc)

Formed by Cam Campbell formerly from the legendary death rock Gothic band 'Sex Gang Children' and William Westwater from Cyberpunk band 'Sensory Savage.', FEAR INCORPORATED fuses different types of styles to portray a selection of stories which will feature elements of the macabre-real and unreal, past and présent…

Terror learned its vocabulary from Fear Incorporated...



The forthcoming Phobos album by Fear Incorporated based on human fears and phobias will be released in September 2012 on the French alternative record label Manic Depression Records.

Visit the website and see the band's profile:

The album covers fear of the dark,fear of being buried alive,ghosts,clowns and other phobias.

The release will be in digipack format and comes with an eight page booklet with photos of the band and of the associated phobias concerned with the album's theme.

Phobos T shirts,badges and associated merchandise will be available with the album release in September.

The album features two new members of the band Matthew Saw on guitar who has played with Sex Gang Children,Selfish Cunt and Unstoppable Achievers and Alan McCulloch an experienced drummer and percussionist who has been involved in a broad swathe of projects from Fear Incorporated to Jazz to Middle Eastern percussive Rock and Afro-Cuban Folkloric.

Promo videos for Clown, Dead Of Night,Spooked and Dying To Get Out have been released on Youtube and videos for Wrong Turn and Suffocation will be released along with the album in September.

The track Spooked featured recently on a Manic Depression Records free digital compilation download and can be downloaded at

The single and track Dying To Get Out from the Phobos release was featured on the June/July Ox fanzine on the CD accompanying the magazine.

Radio stations all over Europe have been playing tracks from Phobos and receiving acclaim.

The band are currently writing material for the third Fear Incorporated album 'Dark Carnival' and will be recording the first tracks toward this album in the forthcoming summer months of 2012.

Fear Incorporated can also be found at the following links:

also on Reverbnation, and amongst others



Fear Incorporated-New Single-'Dying To Get Out'

The new single from Fear Incorporated-'Dying To Get Out'.

Available on the music store on this website to purchase.


Friday, October 7th

Absolution presents:

spinning the best goth as well as some new wave, punk, 80′s, electro, industrial and death rock!


  • An Official Record Release Party for the new UK Death Rock band Fear Incorporated, celebrating the release of their album, Sawney’s Cave !
  • Lots of Free Giveaways – CDs, DVDs, Pins, Stickers, Postcards & Magnets !
  • Drink Specials all night !
Fear Incorporated - Sawney's Cave

Fear Incorporated are a new Theatre Macabre-Avant Garde-

Baroque ‘n’ Roll band from the UK. An eclectic and dark approach

to alternative music fusing different types of styles to portray a

selection of stories which will feature elements of the macabre-real

and unreal, past and present.

Fear Incorporated was formed by Cam Campbell formerly from the

legendary death rock Gothic band ‘Sex Gang Children‘ and William

Westwater from Cyberpunk band ‘Sensory Savage.’

After a discussion on how to approach the project it was decided

that the album themes would be based on Fearful subjects such as death,

cannibalism, phobias, murder and other such noir material so the

band was fittingly named ‘Fear Incorporated’.

Sawney Bean was chosen as the first theme for the first Fear

Incorporated album.

He was a 16th century Scottish myth that was used to threaten

 young children who would not sleep at night.

The story tells us he took to a cave with his wife where they

captured, murdered and ate unsuspecting passers-by and

travellers whilst bringing up a incestuous barbarous family of

flesh eating lunatics. A grizzly macabre tale indeed.

A plethora of tracks were recorded for the album and then

hand picked to make a chronological macabre musical album

‘Sawney’s Cave’.

Fear Incorporated on Myspace


The debut Fear Incorporated album was released 6th December on Plastic Frog Records-a German alternative record label.

It is available through the Plastic Frog Records website to purchase now or from the webstore on this site.

Fear Incorporated will be playing live in 2011 and are currently in preparation for these events.

The band are featured in early 2011 on OX sampler an alternative fanzine and CD with an unreleased version of 'Land Of The Dead'.

The OX website link is  for news on alternative music.


Also the video for this alternate version of 'Land Of The Dead'  will be featured on the Horrorpunks DVD compilation release in Feb/Mar 2011.

More information on Fear Incorporated can be found on the following page:

Also we can be found on You Tube, Reverb Nation, and Facebook for more videos,tracks,news,photos,reviews etc.


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