Dark Carnival album

Ideas for the new Fear Incorporated album 'Dark CarnIval' are being put together and written at this time.

Many tracks have been written for this and this new album is themed on a terrifying troupe of misfits,freaks and geeks touring the wastes in search of  unwary towns and villages to put on their ghastly performance with their pandemonium circus show.

Dark Carnival again will bring a new sound to Fear Incorporated-never wishing to stay in the same vein and exploring new boundaries to petrify our audience.

Circus organs will screech and we will pump horror into your hearts as the carnival klaxons scream and wail to our blood curdling soundtrack of fear and blood stained candy floss..

So just who are this heinous bunch of miscreants in this troupe of terror?

An undead Elvis,Lazurus Rattle-a man who will not die,a reptilian Lizard Lady and a Demon trapped in a box amongst other horrible characters...

Stay tuned for more updates on this macabre musical maelstrom.

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