New album From Fear Incorporated


The Fear Incorporated 'Cloak And Dagger' album will be released on Bleak Record Label in 2016 on CD and digitial download.

The album is themed on vintage villains such as Jack The Ripper,Sweeney Todd and Burke And Hare to name a few...

Take a walk with us in this blood drenched nightmare through the dark gas lamp streets for a journey of musical mayhem,murder and terror!

The album was written and engineered by the frontman of Fear Incorporated William Westwater and Berwyn Waddon who has now joined the band for this partnership of terrifying tunesmythery.

Both William and Berwyn are the core members of Voodoo Bible and Exit Strategy-both of which bands have released albums on alternative record labels these past few years. 

See videos from the forthcoming 'Cloak And Dagger' album below.....







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