Fear Incorporated 'Phobos' Review
Delicious guitar worms through ‘Clown’ (fear of those miserable entities being Coulrophobia) as the song bucks and kicks like colourful goth, keenly ambitious vocals hurdling a ramshackle array of sly musical ideas which converge crunchily. Great fun. ‘Suffocation’ may be about boring old claustrophobia but it’s wickedly wayward, loping and sliding into melodrama, curious vocal shudders matching the ruptured rhythm. [Read More...]
Phobos review
When I first got into this band I was excited. I could jam their music and get all of the weirdness and oddities I wanted out of them. There was a small place in my mind though that worried that they would fizzle out. I was a little scared that there just wouldn’t be a next album, that the band wouldn’t be able to keep up a sustained style and that they would collapse, or that there would be a next album, and it would suck. One thing I have come to get used to with truly strange bands is that sometimes the follow up is just weak. The guys and girls in the bands just cant out-do themselves, so the next outing is a weaker repeat of what we already heard. The stranger the band, the more likely that outcome is. So I was worried. I was worried that the genius of 'Sawney's Cave' would be left in the backs of iPods and CD racks everywhere. Luckily, this album ups the weird, ups the melody, and ups the style. In short, this album is even better. [Read More...]
Dying To Get Out Single Review
The A-Side, 'Dying To Get Out' is a boogieing powerhouse of a song. Minimalist production, but busy sounds and noise work help to create a bare bones feeling that brings to mind Bauhaus or even certain Peter Murphy solo works. The pulsing riff is stuck in my head.

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Sawney's Cave album review
This is not passive music, it is something that happens to you, and you need to react. It needs to have you fight back, listen carefully and weave through. If you stop for any moment, you may miss a noise, a note, a lyric, and effect, something that changes the song completely for you.
This album isn’t for the baseline horror music fans. It is a little too different, too removed, too avant garde for some people, and that is fine, not everyone has to get behind it, but holy hell, I wish people would. [Read More...]
Dying To Get Out! CD Single Review
Great band, ultra-collectable single. What more do you honestly need to know? (‘Sawney’s Cave’ is easily one of the best albums this year, so if you haven’t already tracked it down, that would be a good thing to do right now.) [Read More...]
An extraordinary thing, this album from ‘Theatre Macabre’ artists Fear Incorporated. Imagine Bauhaus putting on a lusty modern production of Macbeth and you’ll be close to the feel and shape. As odd in their own way as The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, but with a dedicated direction to follow, with a sharper focus on one story, they deliver an album or swerving peaks and troughs, the latter full of body parts.

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