Dying To Get Out! CD Single Review



Widows Peak

They have signed to Manic Depression so the new album, “Phobos” will be on there sometime soon, but in the meantime here’s an exciting appetiser. Away from their more theatrical nightmare approach ‘Dying To Get Out’ is bristling post-punk, melodious noir charm. A perkily rising bass, dour clipped drums and grizzled guitar drizzle rub like nonchalant dogs against the haughty vocal legs. (Not the sort of imagery anyone actually wants, it just came out that way.) Modern knowing flair meets original early 80’s guile, and it’s a sweet union.

‘The Tender Prey’ was originally mooted for inclusion on the mighty ‘Sawney’s Cave’ album but never made it. It’s a little bit too cabaret perhaps, with woozy organ, our demented host chained to the pulpit while declaiming wildly, trailing off, then staggering back madder than before, and headbutting the weird finish.

Great band, ultra-collectable single. What more do you honestly need to know? (‘Sawney’s Cave’ is easily one of the best albums this year, so if you haven’t already tracked it down, that would be a good thing to do right now.)

Mick Mercer
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