Phobos review


The weird ones return with 'Phobos'. I am pleased. This album lives up to the previous music I have heard from the band, and in a couple places even surpasses it. The accented tweak of the singer's voice is familiar now to me, it is almost comfortable. I think the band knew that there would be people out there now who have settled into their last full length and single. The last albums have been out for a while, people who picked them up have grooved themselves into the strangeness. It is in our ears and in our blood now. We caught the bug. So what does that mean? That means that the band has to work that much harder to kick it up another step for this album.
And they did. Holy crap, they did.
This album is dripping in 80's goth mucus. Its wrapped in elegant lace-edged latex. It is pained up in Victorian-styled zombie make-up. And to top it all off, it clearly was listening to 'Go Away White' on the ride to your speakers.
When I first got into this band I was excited. I could jam their music and get all of the weirdness and oddities I wanted out of them. There was a small place in my mind though that worried that they would fizzle out. I was a little scared that there just wouldn’t be a next album, that the band wouldn’t be able to keep up a sustained style and that they would collapse, or that there would be a next album, and it would suck. One thing I have come to get used to with truly strange bands is that sometimes the follow up is just weak. The guys and girls in the bands just cant out-do themselves, so the next outing is a weaker repeat of what we already heard. The stranger the band, the more likely that outcome is. So I was worried. I was worried that the genius of 'Sawney's Cave' would be left in the backs of iPods and CD racks everywhere. Luckily, this album ups the weird, ups the melody, and ups the style. In short, this album is even better.
There is more melody, more flow to this album than to the last one, and that is a really cool thing to me. The band didn’t get straight atonal and bland, they pushed the music, and pushed the vocals. There is a lot of Public Image Ltd. Influence on this album. And I LOVE it.
If you liked anything you ever heard by these guys, you will love this. If you didn’t, well... try it anyway, and if you never heard of these guys, you better pretend you did and grab this album. It kills.


Charlie J.J. Kruger
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