Dying To Get Out Single Review

by: Charlie J.J. Kruger


Fuzzy, eclectic, ghoulish, and almost danceable. This band sounds like it was recorded after a Bauhaus show, on the way to a Sisters Of Mercy show. When I saw the band name, the first think I thought about was Soul Asylum, and to be completely honest that worried me. But from the whirring first few seconds of this single I lost that fear and gained a whole new excitement. I really love this stuff. It is different and quirky without ever once having to remind you of that fact. It is special, and it is new. Horror music needs this band.

The A-Side, 'Dying To Get Out' is a boogieing powerhouse of a song. Minimalist production, but busy sounds and noise work help to create a bare bones feeling that brings to mind Bauhaus or even certain Peter Murphy solo works. The pulsing riff is stuck in my head.

The B-Side, 'The Tender Prey'... well... this one is weird. Touches of Beefheart, a clear worship of Tom Waits, trickling thirst of Christian Death, and a Re-Animator-green syringe full of strange. This is a weird one. If you don’t like this song, I’m sorry for you, but don’t listen to this one first, there is a reason it is the B-side. Its for the converted.
Overall, as a single, I am interested. I want more.



Charlie J.J. Kruger
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