Sawney's Cave album review

by: Charlie J.J. Kruger


Ok, this album is weird. Buzzing, popping, hissing, bubbling, spinning, clicking and clacking noises and vampyric reverb-soaked declarations bpounce and echo through the speakers. I love it. I really, really love it. The music sounds like it would be home in the film 'Hardwire', or during select scenes of the classic 'Island of Lost Souls'. After hearing the band's single 'Dying To Get Out', I knew what I should be expecting, but I wasn’t ready for a full length trip into the band's music. Not as ready as I thought I was. For this stuff, you really need a map and a flashlight to find your way through it.


This is not passive music, it is something that happens to you, and you need to react. It needs to have you fight back, listen carefully and weave through. If you stop for any moment, you may miss a noise, a note, a lyric, and effect, something that changes the song completely for you.
This album isn’t for the baseline horror music fans. It is a little too different, too removed, too avant garde for some people, and that is fine, not everyone has to get behind it, but holy hell, I wish people would.

Get this album now. don’t even bother to keep reading, just get it. It is worth it for the music, and the artwork/notes only add to the experience.



Charlie J.J. Kruger
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